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MedTec China is Just Days Away

Visit Sono-Tek at MedTec China September 25-25 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, booth #238. Sono-Tek will be showcasing our MediCoat BCC system for coating Balloon Catheters with anti-restesnosis drug/polymer solutions, including Paclitaxel, Rapamycin, Heparin, or other bioabsorbable polymer solutions and our new MediCoat 3000/4000 system, the next generation tabletop arterial implantable stent coating system. The DES3000 system offers advanced features available only from Sono-Tek, including full data logging (including login/out, process recipe,comments, error log, and daily time stamped actions), our 180kHz ultrasonic nozzle (9-10 micron median drop size), a real time, a high resolution video camera for process monitoring, and Sono-Tek’s new ECHO precision generator. And the DES3000 was designed so that existing customers using MediCoat DES1000 models in regulatory approved stent coating processes can move to the new DES3000 model without time consuming regulatory requalification.

MediCoat DES3000
MediCoat DES3000

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