Food Manufacturing Coating Systems

Food Manufacturing

Anti-microbial and additive coatings onto ready-made food products

Sono-Tek ultrasonic food coating systems are most often used for applying thin films of: Antimicrobial coatings onto prepared foods, additive coatings such as flavorings, sweeteners, or nutriceuticals, and THC oil coatings. In applications where uniform coverage is needed to protect a product or controlled dosage of added ingredients is paramount, ultrasonic coating provides significant process benefits. Ultrasonic spray makes it possible to add very thin layers of small amounts of additives onto prepared products prior to packaging.

anti-microbial food coating system for prepared deli meats

1. Antimicrobial coatings onto deli meat products

Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems are ideal for spraying small amounts of antimicrobial coatings onto ready-to-eat food products such as prepared sliced meats to enhance product safety and extend shelf life. Uniform nanolayer antimicrobial solutions enable manufacturers to deposit very thin micron coatings not possible with other deposition methods. Sono-Tek systems are proven to provide 1-2 log reduction in processes where antimicrobial solutions are sprayed directly onto prepared meats during slicing operations, providing an economical alternative to high cost HPP.

Benefits for food safety coatings come from the tight drop distribution of ultrasonic nozzles compared to pressure spray or other coating methods, which result in more even coverage with thinner layers of material. This is a major benefit to food manufacturers looking to control ingredient quantities in an effort to move toward clean labeling.

CBD oil infused tea bag2. Additive coatings such as flavorings or sweeteners, nutriceuticals onto prepared foods

Very thin films of sweeteners and flavorings, as well as nutriceuticals can be added to products such as cereals and granola bars, making ultrasonic spray attractive for applications such as reduced sugar or vitamin enhanced products.

3. THC oil coatings onto tea bags 

Accuracy of low dosage makes ultrasonic spray ideal for applying small amounts of THC oil to tea bags and medibles. Little to no overspray of ingredients and repeatable, accurate dosing are major benefits in these coating applications.

Other applications that benefit from ultrasonic food coating systems include:

  • Antimicrobials coatings onto packaging.
  • Moisturization of prepared products.
  • Light oil coatings preventing food products from sticking to substrates.