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Film Tech Japan is Here!

graphene-1The 4th Filmtech Japan Highly-Functional Film Technology Expo at Tokyo Big Sight starts April 10. Sono-Tek will be exhibiting at the Altech Co., Ltd. booth 44-29. Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems are used in R&D and high volume production for depositing functional thin film materials for advanced battery, Fuel Cell, OLED, touch screen (TCO spray pyrolysis) and many other electronics applications. Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray equipment has the ability to spray targeted micron thick layers of material in atmospheric conditions, making the technology a cost effective solution, especially for R&D applications using new materials. Fully inert spraying systems are available, and substrate heat/vacuum options depending upon manufacturer’s requirements. Sono-Tek spray equipment is ideally suited to depositing ultra-thin uniform functional layers of nanomaterials in suspension such as Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), Nanowires, Graphene, Quantum Dots, photoresist, and transparent conductive oxides.

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