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SonoCoat Antimicrobial Spray Systems for Food

SonoCoat  turnkey
Flavoring Coating Systems

Ultrasonic spray systems are ideal for spraying flavoring solutions onto food products such as cereals in commercial food manufacturing. Systems feature easy integration with existing conveyor systems, rapid ROI of spray equipment and non-clogging performance with little overspray, creating significant savings in reduction of sprayed material required to uniformly coat products. Sono-Tek works closely with food manufacturers to design systems that meet the needs for each spray application, either as turn key full coating solutions or spray components ready for integration with existing control systems.

System Features & Benefits Include:

  • Precise, uniform, thin layer coatings
  • Proven 24/7 continuous operation
  • Reduced liquid usage up to 50%
  • Reduced maintenance and waste
  • Enhanced environmental impact and safety
  • Quick ROI followed by long term savings
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic and nozzle technology
  • Food grade design and construction

Nutraceutical Coating
Nutraceutical Coating Systems

Nano/Micro coatings of nutraceutical and antimicrobial spray solutions using ultrasonic spray technology provide improved health benefits and new product offerings. Functional nutraceutical coatings onto cereals and other food products allow manufacturers to create new consumer products with added nutraceutical ingredients. Thin film spray maximizes the use of nutracuetical solutions with very little overspray and readily adheres with uniform coverage of the entire product surface.

System Features & Benefits Include:

  • Aqueous/oil/alcohol based nutriceuticals solution (or suspension of solid particles)
  • Microdroplets readily adhere to product surface
  • Wide range of possibilities for enhancing the health benefits of existing products with new actives and creating new products capable of making health benefit claims
  • Improved product quality claims – new and improved product offerings with consumer health benefits
  • Accurate dosage – full health benefits received by spraying material onto finished food products rather than applying prior to heat processing which results in loss of nutraceuticals’ effective concentration
  • Cost of Goods savings – spraying small amounts of additive onto finished product versus incorporating large amounts of additive prior to heat processing achieves the same degree of health benefit

SonoCoat AM mobile unit

Coating systems are available as:

  • Mobile Coating Units
  • Fully enclosed turnkey coating systems
  • Customized configurations, based on your application

Ultrasonic nozzle sytems produce gentle spray plumes, creating very uniform thin coatings with minimal overspray. Sono-Tek’s patented nozzle designs are incorporated into precision systems, providing full spraying solutions for flavoring onto food products. Ultrasonic spray nozzles are also compatible with natural and synthetic anti-microbial solutions.

Mobile Coating Unit
A flexible, easy to operate coating system mounted on rugged casters, this system is ideal for pilot plant testing of new processes with ultrasonic technology. The unit is designed to be easily scaled up and incorporated with existing conveyor lines up to 48 inches (122 cm) wide at the plant.

User friendly backlit LCD controllers are used for power and precise flow rate control.

Other features include liquid storage tanks, integrated precision pumping system, and 3 color light tower with automatic system alarms.

Fully Enclosed Turnkey Solutions
A complete coating solution for integration with existing processing lines, this system provides full process control and programming.

Process parameters controlled via the HMI include:

  • Deposition level
  • Multiple deposition level “recipes”
  • Line speed
  • Density
  • Concentration of effective chemistry
  • Nozzle power relative to flow rate
  • Preheat temperature

Control Tower with HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Screen panel integrates all process parameters for easy operator control.

A liquid storage tank designed with storage capacity for daily operation, including filtration and pumping to guarantee uninterrupted process.

SonoCoat custom

Customized Configurations
Custom spraying systems are available to address alternate food product sizes, different liquids, line speeds and coating layer thickness targets.

Multiple nozzles are mounted in tandem to achieve unlimited spray widths where necessary. The nozzles are carefully configured to produce a seamless continuous spray pattern with uniform repeatability and no banding.

These systems can be integrated with existing conveyor lines and may be incorporated with HMI control systems as well.

The following air shaping technologies are commonly used in food coating applications:

Total Customer Support
Sono-Tek has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of quality products based on our patented ultrasonic spray technology for more than 25 years. Each SonoCoat System is configured and factory tested specifically for each application. Installation at your facility will be performed by our experienced field service staff who will work with you to set up your process and train your production and service personnel. We want you to be completely satisfied with the quality, performance, and reliability of your system. After installation, we are available for consultation on service, process setup, or system operation.

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