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Precision Ultrasonic Spraying Platform


ALIGN Ultrasonic Coating System

A complete ultrasonic spraying platform designed to easily integrate with existing equipment. The system is comprised of an ultrasonic nozzle with spray shaping assembly, control enclosure, and a choice of liquid delivery systems. Changing from conventional air spray to a Sono-Tek ultrasonic atomizer can result in reductions in spray material of up to 75% as well as tighter process control and improved efficiency.

The ALIGN Platform Features:

  • Easily retrofits into existing equipment
  • Requires only a trigger signal to operate
  • Highly repeatable performance with reduced wasteful overspray
  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle prevents clogging
  • Controlled velocity will not harm or disturb delicate substrates
  • Spray pattern ranging from: 2 – 200mm (0.080”- 8”), depending
    upon nozzle configuration
  • Utilizes ECHO generator technology
  • Designed for precise on/off triggering of spray sequence, maximizing
    efficiency of programmed spray processes
  • Ultrasonic nozzles can spray up, down, or at any angle
  • Integrates with many different Sono-Tek precision liquid delivery options

The system is commonly used with Impact, Vortex, Propel, or AccuMist air shaping. To learn more about Sono-Tek’s precision air shaping systems, go to http://www.sono-tek.com/spray-shaping/


ALIGN is a complete, versatile ultrasonic spray platform. The platform is paired with customer choice of ultrasonic nozzle, liquid delivery system, and air/gas control system, all controlled through a simple touch interface display.

Many different options are available for ultrasonic nozzle, liquid delivery and air/gas control, depending upon application requirements. Sono-Tek’s application engineering experts will provide recommendations for each.

The control module is a compact, self-contained module consisting of a touchscreen HMI/PLC; power supply, ultrasonic Echo generator, electrical inputs and outputs, liquid delivery and gas regulator.



  • Syring Pump TI Touch Interface programmable syringe pump
    Flow rate range: 0.01-50 ml/min
  • Pressure Reservoir with optional auto refill
    Flow rate range: 0-100 ml/min
  • Gear Pump – Pulseless gear pump for continuous or intermittent flow
    Flow rate range: 2-20, 10-70 or 40-200 ml/min
  • MicroFlow – High accuracy positive displacement pump
    Flow rate range: 1μl/min-25ml/min
  • SonoFlow Fusion – Continuous sryinge pump/compatible with SonicSyringe or Stirring Syringe
    Flow rate range: 0.5-15 ml/min.


  • Pressure regulator – Manual adjustment flow regulator
  • Precision programmable air flow regulator – Digital touch screen adjustment

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