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MediCoat DES3000 for Stent Coating

MediCoat DES 3000 Stent Coating System
Benchtop Glovebox Arterial Stent Coating System

The MediCoat DES3000 is our newest turn-key solution for the development of processes for coating arterial metal and bioabsorbable drug eluting stents with anti-restenosis drug/polymer solutions. Sono-Tek has extensive experience spraying drug eluting polymer solutions to create uniform thin film coatings onto implantable stents of any geometry, without webbing of the polymer coating. The soft atomized spray adheres well to surfaces and coating morphology characteristics can be adjusted by modifying process parameters.

Our MediCoat technology provides organizations such as the US FDA, as well as many global stent manufacturers, with the ability to test and produce high quality repeatable polymer and drug/polymer coatings.

As the industry’s leader in ultrasonic stent coating for over a decade, Sono-Tek’s stent coating technology is used by 90% of the research and manufacturing institutions in the stent coating market worldwide, with over 600 systems in operation.

MediCoat DES3000 System Features:

  • Sono-Tek’s patented 180kHz ultrasonic nozzle, with droplet sizes ~9-10 µm
    (with Acetone)
  • User friendly software with recipe programming, multiple level security
    settings, and daily process log
  • Full alarm monitoring with notification
  • High resolution, high magnification camera for real time process video monitoring
  • Enhanced nozzle positioning and high precision alignment fixture provides excellent
    repeatability from stent to stent and from one machine to another
  • User friendly Syringe Pump TI liquid delivery with touch screen interface and intuitive programming
  • Quick release one pull mandrel design for easy, fast loading of stents



All MediCoat Systems Feature:

  • Industry proven success in producing high quality stent coatings
  • Excellent coating adherence eliminates cracking and peeling, providing a flexible yet strong polymer bond
  • Integrated control of the nozzle, liquid delivery, and stent movement/rotational device
  • Soft, low-velocity spray can be targeted with unmatched precision
  • Small ultrasonically generated drops provide excellent penetration of complex strut geometries while inhibiting webbing
  • 4-5 times higher transfer efficiency than pressure spray with minimal waste
  • Wide range of delivery rates from 0.3-100 ml/hour
  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle prevents clogging
  • All system components are compatible with the typical
    solvents and polymers used in stent coating
  • (For example: solvents THF, acetone,DMAC, toluene, chloroform;
    polymers: urethanes, polycarbonates, silicones, styrenes)

For coating processes that don’t require an exhausted glovebox, an alternate enclosure system (MediCoat 4000) is available.


Operating Principle

The MediCoat™ DES3000 Benchtop Stent Coating system is fully integrated with Sono-Tek’s patented MicroMist ultrasonic atomizing nozzle to produce a soft, highly focused beam of atomized spray drops.

The customer has the option of attaching a custom stent holding device onto the rotating mandrel. The stent is manually loaded onto the stent rotation device and is rotated at a fixed speed, controlled by the user. The stent moves horizontally side-to-side beneath the target area. The number of horizontal passes made are programmable.

A low-velocity exhaust located below the spray area maintains a negative air pressure to assure that any unwanted mist beyond the target area is removed. The system’s unique glove box design allows for safe and convenient access to the stent load and unload area. Large, unobstructed viewing windows and high-intensity internal LED lighting allow for easy observation. With integrated controls for triggering the ultrasonic atomization, liquid delivery and stent movement, the MediCoat™ DES 3000 Stent Coating System provides a complete solution for developing a stent coating process.


MediCoat screen

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